Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to Achieve your New Year's Resolutions !

Have you made any New Year's resolutions ? Would you like to achieve them this time ? Watching the following video , in only 59 seconds , you will discover 5 key principles to help you achieve your New Year's resolutions .(Script below)

1- Break your goal into a  series of smaller steps.
2- Tell your  friends and family what you are trying to achieve.
3- Remind yourself regularly about the benefits of obtaining your goal.
4-Give yourself a  small reward each time you obtain one of the steps.
5- Map out your progress.

As a language learner, why not try these simple principles with your English?


I tracked the lives of 5,000 people as they attempted to keep their New Year's Resolutions.Now most of them failed but 10% did obtain their aims and ambitions.What were they doing that was so different ? It all came down to 5 simple principles:
First of all they broke their goal into a series of smaller steps.
Second they told their friends and family what they were trying to achieve so they elicited fear of failure but also a sense of support.
Third they regularly reminded themselves about the benefits of obtaining their goals.
Fourth they  gave themselves a small reward each time they obtained one of their small stepsand finally they mapped out their progress in a spread sheet on the fridge door or in a journal so they knew exactly where they were.
And those are the 5 key principles to actually achieving your  New Year's resolutions.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Icelandic Cuisine

Icelandic cuisine has evolved by adapting to an inhospitable climate and terrain. It is difficult to grow (cultivar) fruit or vegetable, and only animals like sheep and cows can survive the difficult conditions. Using the sea’s resources (recursos del mar) and ingenious methods of preserving food for the winter has created this unusual cuisine. A combination of greenhouses (invernaderos) and imported food have meant that now the Icelandic diet is more varied, but the essence of traditional cuisine, especially on special occasions, has not changed very much in centuries.

Fish and Sheep 
Fish is central to the culture and economy of Iceland, especially cod.(bacalao) Fishing rights provoked various “wars” with Great Britain in the 1950s and 1970s. Nobody was killed, but there was a lot of diplomatic tension. The majority of the cod, however, is for export, and locals prefer haddock (eglefino) or halibut. The most common way  to serve fish is boiling (hirviéndolo) it and serving it with potatoes. There are also many ways to preserve fish by drying,(secándolo) smoking (ahumándolo) or marinating it. Sild, marinated herring (arenque) in vinegar and onions, and hardfiskur, wind-dried (secado al viento) fish, are popular snacks.
Sheep is the principal animal in Iceland, and you can eat every part of the animal. Smoked lamb, hangikjöt, is a delicacy (exquisitez) that is served at Christmas. But sometimes it is best not to know what part is in some of the dishes! Do not be surprised to see boiled sheep’s heads at traditional feasts. If you do not want to have a head on your plate, the flesh (carne) is also made into a jam.(mermelada) And do not forget to have some hrútspungar before you leave – made from sheep’s testicles.
Christmas Celebrations
Icelanders will use any excuse to eat, drink and celebrate, and locals go to various Christmas Buffets, Jólahlaðborð, during December. It is not unusual to attend three: one with work colleagues, one with friends and one with the family. These include lots of Icelandic and imported delicacies. A typical family meal on Christmas Eve is roast (asado) lamb with cream sauce, caramelized potatoes, red cabbage (col roja) and laufabrauð,  a fried pastry. (pasta frita) For dessert there is a pudding made with rice, cream, raisins (pasas) and sugar. There is one almond (almendra) in the pudding, and the person who finds it gets a special present!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

Home English wishes you a Merry Christmas 2013 and a Happy New Year 2014.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the tree tops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all
Your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the tree tops glisten
And children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases
May all your Christmases
May all your Christmases
May all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white
Christmas with you
Jingle Bells
All the way, all the way

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Company Christmas Party

Imagine you are the PR Manager ( public relations manager) of an important company in London. This year you are in charge of ( a cargo de) planning your company’s Christmas Party. It can be a fun experience but also nerve racking ( destroza los nervios ). .

Bash, party, reception: whatever you call it , there’s no better way of impressing potential customers and showing staff and clients how important they are to the company.But it is easy to get it wrong. Organise the right event and your guests will remember it for years. Get it wrong and they will remember it too . But not in the way you want !
Start with a good location . It helps to create a positive atmosphere and gives a great impression of success.
Have a look at the ideas below and tell us which one you would choose !

Option 1. Brilliant White Christmas Cruise. ( £115.00 +VAT per person, Savoy Pier) Enjoy a brilliant White Christmas party in London aboard the finest luxury river-yacht on the Thames.

Sparkling wine upon arrival
Three Course seated Christmas dinner
Unlimited beer, house wine & soft drinks
'Brilliant White Christmas' event styling
DJ & Disco
Itinerary7:00pm Guests embark
7:30pm Cruise begins
10:45pm Return
12:00am Guests disembark

Option 2 Casino Royale (£75.00 +VAT per person. WC1B Bloomsbury )
The James Bond festive event in London where the office Christmas party will have a licence to thrill. (ilusionar, emocionar)
Champagne reception
Themed decor
Themed Bond music played over dinner
Four course meal
James Bond laser shooting game
Roulette and blackjack tables
007 vodka ice sculpture
DJ and disco

Option 3. Diamonds in the sky.( £99.00 + VAT per person.Westminster)
Live the high life this Christmas and join a spectacular shared Christmas party at the top of the Millbank Tower in Westminster.

Delicious 3 course dinner
Coffee & chocolate truffles
Christmas crackers on the table
Disco & DJ

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wonderful and Terrible Christmas Presents

¿Cuántos regalos recibes en Navidad? Crees que es fácil encontrar el regalo perfecto para la familia o los amigos? ¿Sueles estar contento con los regalos que recibes en Navidad? En nuestro post de hoy veremos expresiones en inglés para decir lo contento o lo insatisfecho que estás con los regalos que has recibido.
Well, it’s time to open the Christmas presents for the Claus family and friends who live in Northern Lapland.(Laponia) There are dozens of presents around their Christmas tree, which is looking a bit sad as most of the needles (hojas en forma de aguja) have fallen off (han caído) it, although the Christmas lights and tinsel (espumillón) give the tree a festive look. In the following conversations we will find out if they like their presents or not. In Northern Lapland, they traditionally open the presents on Christmas Eve (24th December), while Christmas Day (25th December) is the day reserved for opening presents in the UK. Children in Spain have the double excitement of opening presents on Christmas Day and when The Three Kings arrive (6th January). 

Phrases for presents you don’t like
Spanish Translation
Oh you shouldn’t have got me a present.
Pero no deberías haberte molestado en comprarme un regalo.
You really shouldn’t have spent so much money on me.
No deberías haberte gastado tanto dinero.
I’ve still got the receipt.
Todavía tengo el recibo.
Get the money back.
Que te devuelvan el dinero.
You can use the money for something you really like.
Puedes gastar el dinero en algo que te guste mucho.
It’s the thought that counts.
Lo que importa es la intención.
Phrases for presents you like
Spanish translation
It’s just what the doctor ordered.
Justo lo que hacía falta.
It’s just want I always wanted.
Es precisamente lo que quería.
It’s prefect.
Es perfecto
I love it!
¡Me encanta!
Wow! This is so cool.
¡Ah! Está en la onda.
That’ll come in handy.
Le vino muy bien.
You’ve really made my day.
Me has alegrado el día.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

What Shall I Write on my Christmas Cards This Year?

¡Algunas ideas y ayuda para escribir felicitaciones de navidad en inglés  !

When you write a Christmas card, you have to think carefully who you’re sending it to. Is it a customer?(cliente) Is it a colleague?(colega) Is it a close relative? (pariente cercano) Is it one of your best friends? The message you write will vary depending on how close your relationship is with that person.

For example, if you want to send a Christmas card to someone you don’t know very well, you may decide to write a typical formal message like :

Happy Holidays 
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 
Sending you best wishes for a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

These greetings might sound a bit too distant and cold for a close relative or friend of yours. In those cases, you may want to go for (escoger) something warmer, like:

May your Christmas be bright with joy and happiness
Thinking of you and wishing you the joys of this beautiful season
Wishing you a bright and beautiful Christmas
May this joyous season bring you peace, love and happiness throughout the coming year
May your Christmas holiday be the perfect Christmas
Wishing you a shiny and happy New Year

If you’re looking for something more informal, what about one of the following?

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Whoopee! It’s Christmas!
Hope your holidays are jolly (alegre ) days!
Hope all your wishes come true in 2014!

When you write an informal card, you can use the symbols that stand for “Hugs and kisses”,(abrazos y besos XOXO , where the Xs mean “kisses” and the Os are “hugs”.

The expressions we have seen so far are standard, but remember that you can always personalise your messages a bit more by expanding your Christmas greeting with a short paragraph dedicated to the person you’re sending the Christmas card to. The personal touch ( toque personal) will surely be appreciated!

LANGUAGE NOTE : You will often find the word may in a message at Christmas time. Instead of using may to express possibility, here it’s a subjunctive, which expresses wish or desire. Note that in Spanish we use que with a similar function: “Que pases unas felices fiestas”, “Que se cumplan todos tus deseos en el 2014”.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Meat, mealies and Malay Curries

El Apartheid intentó separar a las gentes de diferentes países, pero las tradiciones culinarias de muchas de las culturas que forman Sudáfrica se ha mezclado durante siglos.  La nación del arco iris cuenta con una cocina que fusiona elementos Europeos, Africanos y Asiáticos. Por otro lado, la combinación de los climas Mediterraneos y subtropicales hace que cualquier cosa pueda crecer, desde limones y uvas a mangos y papayas. Veamos en este post las principales características de esta cocina tan colorida.


South African of all colours love meat more than anything else, and the braai (barbecue) is a sacred (sagrada) national institution. If you are invited to one in somebody’s garden you have to bring something, for example sosaties (meat kebabs) or boerewors sausages.(salchichas) For something more exotic, there is ostrich (avestruz) or crocodile. You eat these accompanied by delicious relishes (salsa de pepinillos) made with tomato, onion and chillies. And also by lots of ginger beer (cerveza de gengibre) or Castle lager.


For millions of South African living in poverty,(pobreza), maize (maíz) is the staple (alimento de primera necesidad) of their diet and grows all over (crece por todo) the country. But all South Africans love this versatile cereal. No braai is complete without some mealiepap, made from ground (molido) maize. You can buy green mealies, roasted on the cob (asados con mazorcas) from women at the side of the road, or eat porridge (avena) made from mealie-meal for breakfast.


Malay Curries

With people of Malay and Indian descent living in South Africa for hundreds of years, it is not surprising that curry and rice is a national dish. Curries here are equally hot (picantes) as Indian ones and the Tandoori restaurants are excellent. Bobotie is another Malay-influenced dish – a variation of beef (ternera) curry with fruits and nuts (frutos secos) and an egg sauce (salsa de huevos) on top. Every South African housewife (ama de casa) has her favourite version, which she loves to cook for any visitor.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lemon Tree (with Subtitles)

When you wake up in the morning and get in the shower, start the day with a song.

Singing is good for you. In the current (actual ) economic climate, it offers an inexpensive way to get a natural high.(subidón natural) From spiritual choirs to karaoke bars, belting out ( cantar a grito pelado) a song  is a quick way to lift the spirits. Recent studies have shown singing to be beneficial not only to general health it can help combat depression, decrease stress and lead to ( llevar a) a longer life. The correct use of the diaphragm in order to sing correctly is a great cardiovascular workout. So forget the gym, and get down to your local choir or Karaoke night. Sing your way to better health ! Maybe you can practice singing in English too ! Why not start  with this animated version of  Fool's Garden's "Lemon Tree" ?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Explaining Hiccups

Maybe you've eaten your food too fast. Or perhaps you've had a fizzy drink (bebida gaseosa) and it's bubbling (burbujeando ) in your stomach. For whatever reason, you suddenly experience a strange gulping  sensation (sensación de tragar) as you breathe in. Congratulations, you have the hiccups! (tienes hipo!)

" Hic !"

Hiccups are a result of irritation of the diaphragmatic muscle that separates your chest (pecho ) from your abdomen. As you inhale, the diaphragm opens up, stretching (estirando) across your chest, and then relaxes as you exhale. When the diaphragm is irritated, the muscle goes into sudden spasms, known as hiccups, which usually last only a few minutes. If your hiccups last for longer, you should tell your doctor.

How do you get rid of (librarte de ) hiccups? Everybody has a cure, whether it's receiving a shock, swallowing a spoonful (cucharada) of sugar, or holding your nose while sipping ( sip=tomar a sorbos ) water. But do any of these cures work? Sure enough, scientists say that some will serve to interrupt the spasm of the muscle, but not in all people. So what works for one, may not work for the other. One man had hiccups for 69 years. However ( sin embargo) , it didn’t stop him from getting married twice and having eight children.
"Did it work ?" 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Using Capital Letters (Part 2)

 This is the second part of the post we started last Tuesday ! Don't  forget to  test yourself at the end !

7.Use a capital letter for trade-marks and names of companies and other organizations:

Coca Cola 
Microsoft Corporation, Mitsubishi
the United Nations, the Red Cross

8. Use a capital letter for places and monuments:

London, Paris, the Ramblas
the Eiffel Tower, St Paul's Cathedral
Buckingham Palace, the White House
Oxford Street, Seventh Avenue
Jupiter, Mars
Asia, the Middle East, the North Pole

9. Use a capital letter for names of vehicles like ships, trains and spacecraft:

the Titanic
the Orient Express
Challenger 2, the Enterprise

10. Use a capital letter for titles of books, poems, songs, plays, films etc:

War And Peace
The Shadow of the Wind
Like a Virgin
Romeo and Juliet
Gone With The Wind, The Dark Knight

11. Use capitals letters (sometimes!) for headings, titles of articles, books etc, and newspaper headlines:


 Now test yourself by rewriting this sentence using capitals where necessary.

australian english teacher jane crocket loves eating italian food. she bought a cookbook by famous chef stefano bibiano after she had dinner at his award winning restaurant the lemon cello in rome. she goes on holiday each christmas and enjoys visiting museums like the national gallery in london or barcelona’s picasso museum. her favourite song is imagine by john lennon and she enjoys doing voluntary work for the royal society for the protection of animals, known as the rspca.

How did you do? Check your answers.

Australian English teacher Jane Crocket loves eating Italian food. She bought a cookbook by famous chef Stefano Bibiano after she had dinner at his award winning restaurant the Lemon Cello in Rome. She goes on holiday each Christmas and enjoys visiting museums like the National Gallery in London or Barcelona’s Picasso Museum. Her favourite song is Imagine by John Lennon and she enjoys doing voluntary work for the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals, known as the RSPCA.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Using Capital Letters (Part 1)

In English, we do not use capitals letters very much, but perhaps we use them more than in Spanish. They are mainly used for the first letter of sentences, names, days and months and  for some abbreviations. In addition, of course, we always write the first person pronoun as a capital  I.

When do we Use Capital Letters?

1. Use a capital letter for the personal pronoun 'I':

What can I have to eat? 

2. Use a capital letter to begin a sentence or to begin speech:

The man entered the room. He didn’t speak. 
Finally John asked, "What is the matter?" 

3. Use capital letters for many abbreviations and acronyms:

G.M.T. or GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 
N.A.T.O. or NATO or Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 

4. Use a capital letter for days of the week, months of the year, holidays:

Monday, Tuesday ,January, February ,Christmas ,Independence Day 

5. Use a capital letter for countries, languages and nationalities, religions:

China, France ,Japanese, English ,Christianity, Buddhism 

6. Use a capital letter for people's names and titles:

Anthony, Ram, William Shakespeare ,Professor Jones, Dr Smith ,Captain Steel, King Henry VIII 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Laughter is the best medicine !

Reir te hace sentir mejor.Esperamos que estos tres chistes ( jokes) te ayuden a conseguirlo ! 

The future of the frog

A frog telephones the Psychic Hotline:
-You are going to meet a beautiful young girl who will want to know everything about you.
The frog says:
-This is great! Will I meet her at a party, or what?
-No. Next semester in her biology class.

 "Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress. "

Wake Up!

A teacher is speaking in the classroom when he notices a student sleeping way up in the back row. The teacher shouts to the sleeping student’s neighbour:
- Hey ! wake that student up!
The neighbour says:
- Oh, no. You put him to sleep, you wake him up!

 Books about elephants

In an international contest, every nation has to write a book about the elephant:

The French book: The Sex Life of the Elephant or: 1000 ways to cook Elephant.
The English book: Elephants I have shot on Safari.
The Welsh book: The Elephant and its influence on Welsh language and culture.
The American book: How to Make Bigger and Better Elephants.
The Japanese book: How to Make Smaller and Cheaper Elephants.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mastering Technology

El mundo está cada vez más condicionado por el uso de Internet, la tecnología y las diferentes formas de comunicación. Nadie se puede cuestionar el hecho que la lengua inglesa contribuye notablemente a enriquecer el vocabulario usado en el campo de la tecnología. En este post, repasaremos algunos de estos términos relacionados con el mundo de la comunicación.

Useful Nouns and Verbs related to Technology and Communication

a phone
to phone; to ring
a mobile
to phone; to ring; to text
a fax
to fax; to send; to receive
a printer
to print; to print off  (BE),
to print out  (AE)
a scanner
to scan
a photocopier
to photocopy; to copy; 
to make copies
a tape recorder; a tape / cassette player
to tape (grabar) ; to rewind; (rebobinar)  
to fast forward;(avanzar)  
to eject;(expulsar) 
a video player; a CD player; a DVD player to record; to tape; to rewind; to fast forward;
an e-mail
to email; to reply; to delete; to send
to forward;(reenvíar) to type (teclear)
to attach (adjuntar)
a click to click (clikear)
a radio; a radio broadcast (una retransmisión radiofónica) to listen; to record
a TV; a TV programme to watch; to record

Friday, November 15, 2013

My and Mine

En el post de hoy  damos un repaso rápido a estas  formas de posesivo . ¡ No olvides completar el test al final !

Possessive adjectives (my, your, his,her,its, our, your, their) are used with a noun:

My name is John.What is your name?
I lost my keys in the bar.
Peter broke his arm when he fell off a tree.

Possessive pronouns (mine, yours, his,hers, its, ours, yours, theirs) are used when we do not want to repeat the same noun because it is clear what we are talking about. They can always be substituted by a possessive adjective + a noun:

My name is John. What is yours? [=What is your name?]
My father and I both have a Renault, but mine is bigger than his [=my Renault is bigger than his Renault].
Alice’s dog is not as tall as mine [as my dog].

BE CAREFUL: We normally add –s to the possessive adjective to make a possessive pronoun (her _ hers; our _ ours). This –s does not mean plural !

Complete the sentences with the right possessive. Use mine / my / yours /her.

Mary broke (a) __________ leg last week when she went skiing. I’ve never broken (b) __________, but I broke (c) ___________ arm once when I fell down the stairs.
(d) __________ cat is called “Pussy”. What is (e) __________ called?

Answer Key : (a) her; (b) mine; (c) my; (d) my; (e) yours

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mexican Cuisine

Las antiguas civilizaciones de Méjico eran excelentes granjeros que cultivaban cacao, judías, maiz y chile. Los colonizadores Españoles trajeron el arroz, el trigo, la ganadería y los productos lácteos. La fusión de ingredientes y técnicas Europeas y Mejicanas ha dado lugar a una cocina muy sofisticada que se basa en estofados, salsas, sopas y en platos como las tortillas, los burritos, los tacos o las enchiladas, por supuesto todo acompañado con unas gotitas de buen tequila.
The Chilli
One of the basic ingredients in Mexican food is the chilli, which ancient civilizations were using 5000 years ago. They come in many colours and sizes, which you will discover on a visit to any Mexican market. Different chillies are combined – fresh or dried, (secos) roasted (asados) or raw (crudos) – to give every sauce its unique flavour.(sabor) Some famous varieties are the mild (suaves) green-black poblano chillies and the orange coloured habanero chillies, which are the hottest (los más picantes) in the world!
Mole Sauces

The chilli is one of the essential ingredients in mole sauces. The other two are various seeds (semillas) and a little chocolate. Each region has its own distinctive sauce, and gives the sauce its name. Mole from Puebla, for example, is called “mole poblano”. Each family’s recipe is different, and making the mole is a complicated process. You add the finished sauce to meat, usually turkey (pavo) or chicken, and cook it slowly.(a fuego lento)


Frijoles, Tortillas and Salsa

 These three things form part of a Mexican’s daily diet. Many different varieties of beans, frijoles, are central to the comida corrida. They are combined with bacon or different types of meat to produce delicious dishes.To accompany the meal is the sauce, the salsa. A simple one is made with chopped (cortados a trozos) tomatoes, chillies and onions – but there are many more combinations. Finally, there is tortilla, Mexican bread, made from wheat in the north and corn in the south. This is often filled (relleno) with meat or cheese, and fried. No meal is complete without some.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prepositions of time: for and during

For y during  son dos preposiciones muy fáciles de confundir. Un sencillo truco para decidir cuándo utilizar  una u otra es saber que "for" responde a preguntas hechas con "How long ...?"  y "during"  a preguntas que empiezan por "When ...?" . a continuación encontrarás algunos ejemplos y un ejercicio para practicarlo.

FOR expresses the duration of an action. It is used to say how long an action took. We cannot use “during” to express that.


He lived in France for three years and then went back to England.
We have been waiting here for twenty minutes now and he hasn’t come yet.
We will travel around South America for six months and visit different countries.

DURING introduces a period of time in which something happens. Sometimes, “during” can be substituted by “in”.


We saw each other twice during [in] that week.
During the conference, the ministers talked to the press after every meeting.
We never got round to seeing each other during the month that I spent in London.

Complete the sentences with for or during.

a) Marc has been studying English ___________ two years.
b) Helen and Peter fell in love _____________ a trip to Africa.
c) ___________ his hunger strike, he didn’t eat anything and only drank water.
d) The workers have been on strike ________________ a week now.

Answers: a- for,b-during,c-During,d-for.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

It's Halloween !

One of the most traditional and popular activities in the U.S. on Halloween (October 31) is trick or treat. Children go from house to house wearing costumes; dressed as monsters, devils or ghosts, among other things, and they ask for candy, as a treat (recompensa, regalo) . If they don’t get a treat, then they do a trick (truco,broma ) . But in reality, this happens very little. Every house is prepared with candy to give to the neighborhood kids when they call at their doors.

Curiously, this tradition has its roots in the Middle Ages in Britain. Poor people went door to door begging for food in exchange for prayers for the dead on All Saints’ Day. However, people were indignant at having to give food to children because they felt pressured. It is likely that the American tradition developed independently. The activity of trick-or-treating didn’t appear in the press until 1934.

Listen to this  groovy (genial, guay)  song by Otis Redding called Trick or Treat !

You say you love me, girl
But you, you don't know
When I tell you I want I wanna wanna take you out (salir con)
And you don't want to go, girl
So if you love me
(Don't say you like me)
And if you like me
(Don't say you love me)
Cos I can't wait till Halloween to to find out (averiguar)
If it's trick or treat
I love you, babe
But you play ............., girl 
But you know, you know, you know
That ain't where it's at, baby
Now if you love me
(Don't say you like me)
And if you like me
(Don't say you love me)
Cause I can't wait till Halloween to find out 
If it's trick or treat
You can make life good or make it a drag (lata )
With all them good things you got cooking in your bag
I want you to treat me, girl
Cause you got just what it takes, yeah
I've been tricked so many times baby
Of everything I've made, yeah
So if you love me
(Don't say you like me)
And if you like me
(Don't say you love me)
Cos I can't wait till Halloween to find out
If it's trick or treat
What is it?
What is it, baby?
Is it trick or what kind of treat have you got 
hanging baby in your bag?
I, I wanna know what kind of tricks, girl
What kind of tricks, girl
What kind of tricks, baby
Say you love me
What you wanna ...
You say you need me but ....
Girl, you got to show me what 
Uh, show me what I wan
Now you got to tell me, baby
Now tell me what I want
You got tricks baby hanging out your bag
Now you got some tricks hangin out your bag
You got good tricks

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lou Reed Sunday Morning

Desde Home English queremos rendir homenaje al recién desaparecido Lou Reed, con 71 años y un gran elenco de temas rock-glam a su espalda. Desde su grupo Velvet Underground con la vocalista Nico hasta sus temas en solitario, todos despiertan nuestro lado más poético, tanto que hasta para dejarnos, escogió un Domingo por la mañana "Sunday morning", curiosamente igual que una de sus canciones más legendarias. Justo la que os proponemos hoy en nuestro post.

Sunday mornin', praise the dawnin'
It's just a restless feelin', by my side
Early dawnin', Sunday mornin'
It's just the wasted years so close behind
Watch out, the world's behind you
There's always someone around you, who will call
It's nothin' at all
Sunday mornin' and I'm fallin'
I've got a feelin', I don't want to know
Early dawnin', Sunday mornin'
(Early dawnin')
It's all the streets you crossed, not so long ago
Watch out, the world's behind you
There's always someone around you, who will call
It's nothin' at all
Watch out, the world's behind you
There's always someone around you, who will call
It's nothin' at all
Sunday mornin'
Sunday mornin'
Sunday mornin'
Sunday mornin'


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Veggie Burger

Un clásico de la cocina vegetariana... la hamburgesa vegetal .Prueba esta receta al mismo tiempo que amplías tu vocabulario.


  •  1 cup of dry lentils (lentejas)
  •  2 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 /2 medium onion, diced ( cortar en dados)
  • 1 medium carrot, diced
  • 3/4 cup of rolled oats, (copos de avena) finely ground (molidos)
  • 3/4 cup of bread crumbs ( migas)
  • salt and pepper


-Place the lentils, water, and salt in saucepan, bring to a boil, lower heat , cover and simmer (hervir a fuego lento)  for about 45 minutes, until water is nearly gone and lentils are very soft.
-Sauté (sofreír) the onion and carrot in oil until soft, about 5 minutes.
-Mix the lentils ,onions, carrots , pepper and  then mix in the ground oats and bread crumbs.
-While still warm, form the lentil mixture into burgers , which can now be frozen, refrigerated ( for up to 5days) or cooked immediately.
-In a frying pan, heat a bit of oil, place a burger on top , and fry until brown, 1-2 minutes. Repeat on other side and serve.