Friday, April 30, 2010

A student's diary of five days at Saloufest

Un nuevo fenómeno se ha instalado sigilosamente en la ciudad de Salou. Se trata de Saloufest, la mayor fiesta estudiantil británica del año.La pasada semana santa más de 4.000 estudiantes de cerca de 100 universidades del Reino Unido pasaron unos dias de fiesta y diversión en esta población.El tabloide británico "The Sun " pidio a la estudiante de diseño gráfico Saskia McCarthey que escribiera un diario de su estancia y destapar lo que realmente ocurre durante estos dias.

British student holiday company launched the first of their annual Saloufest events in the resort ten years ago - and last month more than 4,000 students from 100 universities across the UK went to Salou for their Easter break.
But not everyone enjoys the party atmosphere,locals have complained of sleepless nights and waking up to vomit- and urine-filled streets.
We asked graphic design student Saskia McCarthy, 22, to keep a diary of her trip to Saloufest. Here ,the second year student at Lincoln University lifts the lid on ( to cause something bad that was kept secret to be known by the public) what really goes on (happens) at the biggest student bash (party) of the year.

DAY ONE I'm going to Saloufest with the university hockey team. There are 40 of us in three groups. Mine is called The Slappers (a woman who has sex with a lot of men ) though there are lads (a boy or young man) as well as girls. I've paid 350 pounds for the trip as we're flying. It's cheaper by coach but that would be horrendous on the way back.
On the coach to East Midlands Airport somebody is already drunk. We try to get her sober enough to fly.
As soon as we get to the hotel we start drinking .We brought with us large, industrial funnels (embudo) with plastic tubes attached.
You get on your knees, the funnel is filled with sangria or beer and you have to drink it all. Sangria is 50 cents a litre here, cheaper than water.
On the first night we go to an Irish bar called Charlie's where we're given free shots (a small amount of an alcoholic drink , "chupito" ) and have vodka poured into our mouths with funnels .
We visit three bars and have a couple of beers in each, then shots of vodka and tequila. Go to bed around 2am because we are tired from the early flights and have to be up early to play hockey.
DAY TWO Go out to the sports pitches to play in a tournament but they're not real matches. We run round giving each other piggybacks (ride on someone's back) or trying to form a human pyramid.
The drinking starts at midday and doesn't stop for the rest of the day. Head back (go back) to the hotel at 6pm and drink sangria as we get ready, followed by beer at the hotel bar and more beer and shots with dinner.
Because we are drinking so much we forget to eat and by the evening we are all concentrating on how much we can drink.
The fancy dress theme tonight is geeks (a person who is boring and not fashionable) . Go to a bar called Kiss, which is packed (completely full) .
Get home at 4am and jump into the pool before going for more drinks in each other's rooms.

DAY THREE More hockey and drinking in the day. The theme tonight is cowboys so we dress up and go to Snoopy's, the main club. The stewards aren't getting drunk like everyone else so you could go to them for help if anything went wrong. But I can see how it could be dangerous if you get lost while you're wasted ( slang: very drunk or ill from drugs)
Inhibitions are lower because of the alcohol. I did see a guy naked on the side of the road. All his clothes had been stolen . He had a bottle of tequila strapped to his arm . Some Spanish holidaymakers look horrified when they see us.

DAY FOUR On the last day I drink the most because we've finished the hockey tournament and spend the whole day on the beach drinking.
One of the girls passes out (become unconscious for a short time ) on the beach as she's drunk so much, so we move her out of the sun.
We still go out, drinking more beer and free shots at the bars and we stay out until we have to leave the hotel at 4am for our plane home.

DAY FIVE I didn't go to bed but by 4am I've sobered up. My room-mate is so exhausted she's crying so I pack her suitcase and we head to the airport.
There is more drinking on the plane but when I get home I'm shaking from all the alcohol. I was only sick once on the trip but other people were sick several times a day.
I loved every minute of Saloufest but it's a one-off.(something that is done only once) I don't drink like that at home - I couldn't afford it ! . It's a really full-on (great ) experience, but it's a great chance to have fun and meet new people.

Saskia's approximate drinking total: Sixty funnels of sangria, 15 beers, 40 shots - around 213 units.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Lyrics Training

Lyrics Training is an interesting, fun website to practice your listening skills. While watching and listening to music videos from YouTube, you have to fill in the text gaps with the correct lyrics (letra). There are various levels of difficulty to choose from. Check it out!