Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flirting in English (1)

Cuando vemos a alguien a quien nos gustaría conocer más y queremos iniciar una conversación, tenemos que encontrar las palabras adecuadas para dar una buena impresión. En este post os enseñamos cómo hacerlo en Inglés. ¿Os animáis a practicar?

It is usually no secret when someone is flirting (coqueteando) but part of “the game” is to try not to be too obvious. If the person you want to meet also wants to meet you, then that person will probably respond positively to what you say.  But even then, they may still expect you to “play the game”.  If the person doesn’t want to meet you, they will try to find a way to show you that they are not interested.


What is the game?

Is it hard to play? Do native speakers have an advantage? The game is to show your interest discreetly. You don’t want to be too obvious. The idea is to say something that you could also say if you weren’t attracted to the person and were just being friendly. You need to sound sincere without showing (mostrar) your interest too directly. It can be a difficult game to play, as we never know what the other person’s reactions will be. Some people try to be gentle when they reject (rechazan) someone or when they show they are not interested in meeting that person. Others are cold, insensitive, or heartless (despiadado) and might respond in way that embarrasses (averguenza) us. Native speakers sometimes have an advantage because they understand the subtleties (sutilezas) of the language where lack of interest is concerned. They can also be more ambiguous themselves. Nevertheless,(Sin embargo) non-native speakers have advantages too. If you are foreign, the person you are attracted to might give you the benefit of the doubt, (darte el beneficio de la duda) assuming you are sincere (you might not know how to be cleverly (hábilmente) insincere in a foreign language!). The other person might also find you exotic and different and, for that reason, exciting … so they might make the game a little easier for you.


Animals and pets can help break the ice

An animal can help us make contact with the person we are attracted to. Perhaps the person has a horse or a dog that we can admire. If you’re not afraid of the animal, you might walk over and start talking to the animal about how beautiful it is. “Oh, what a marvellous horse! You’re beautiful, aren’t you, boy?”…Or, speaking to the dog, “What a lovely coat (pelaje) you have! Someone must take excellent care of you!” or  “Oh, hello, beautiful, what’s your name? I’d love to have a dog just like you! Are you taking this lovely woman for a nice walk?”... or “Oh, a Doberman! My favourite. You’re not going to bite (morder) me, now are you? No, of course not. I bet you have a very good master”. Of course, you can use this method of starting a conversation anywhere. You might be at a party where the person has a cat or a bird. “What an adorable cat. What’s his name? Where did you get him? I love cats!”... “What a beautiful parrot! What’s your name? Can you talk?”... “Oh, look at the lovely white rat! Can I hold you?” … “Look, you’re climbing down inside my blouse! Who taught you to do that?!”