Saturday, December 20, 2014


Another year has gone so quickly  !  You think you have just got rid (acabas de librar) of Christmas and it's upon you again with all its demands  ! 

"The Christmas tree is a green fir tree decorated with lights ..."

Christmas is the most important holiday in the whole year for British and American people.It is a time when all the family meets and celebrates.

Christmas tree
This is an old Scandinavian tradition showing that Nature is still alive because the Christmas tree is a green fir tree ( un abeto verde) . The tree is decorated with lights and it usually has a star at the  top.
Christmas presents
On Christmas Day , there are presents for every member of the family. Santa Claus comes down the chimney at night and leaves presents next to the Christmas tree.
Boxing Day
In Britain, December 26th is called Boxing Day. The name "Boxing Day" comes from an old tradition when rich employers  ( jefes) used to give their servants a big hamper of food (lote de comida) , called a Christmas box as a gift.

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